American Sign & Lighting, LLC

Outdoor/Parking lot Lights

The lighting around your property is one of the first things customers see! Don’t let customers pass you by, adding decorative lighting makes you stand out and not get missed!


Even if you have these older metal hailide or high pressure sodium light fixtures, we can fix any kind of light!


Even though we would recommend changing over to LED fixtures, because they are smaller and put out more light and use less than half the energy of the older kind.

LED Parking Lot Lights

Parking lot lights are a key factor in safety for your customers and your staff. We can install new, and repair LED fixtures. Do you have a dark spot on your property? We also can add a pole to add more light.

Older Lights

Even if you do not have the new LED fixtures, we can fix those as well. Ballast, capacitor, or just need a new bulb. We can handle anything you need!

Damaged pole? Not a problem! We can repair almost anything!